Welcome to the Fostering, Adoption and the Church research project

Welcome to the Fostering, Adoption and the Church research project!

This is just a short introduction but you can read more about what we will be doing on our About page.

The project is based at Redcliffe College, an interdenominational, evangelical, international College based in the UK with a focus on training for cross-cultural misson, leadership, member care and linguistics, translation and literacy.

Aim and vision

The aim of the project is to motivate and resource the Church in addressing the crisis of vulnerable children in the UK and beyond. Our vision is: Societal transformation through biblical, theological and missiological research that mobilises and supports Christians in fostering and adoption.


The ‘Fostering, Adoption and the Church’ project will carry out and communicate biblical, theological and missiological thinking through:

  • Rigorous published research that raises the profile of fostering and adoption in the academy and the Church;
  • Accessible writing (online and in print) and production of resources for individuals and churches;
  • A blog / resources website with accompanying social media with regular reflections on the project’s developing thinking, links to existing resources, and opportunities to interact with our work;
  • Acting as a source of research and advice for stakeholders in fostering and adoption.

Project lead

Dr Tim Davy has a background in student ministry and marketing, and is currently Director of Research and Innovation at Redcliffe College, where he has taught Biblical Studies and Mission full-time since 2010. He has an MA in Biblical Studies (including a dissertation on the widow, orphan and alien in Deuteronomy) and a PhD in Old Testament, which focused on a missional reading of the Book of Job.

About timjdavy

I teach and research on Bible and Mission at Redcliffe College and lead the 'Bible and Mission' and 'Scripture Engagement' streams of our MA in Contemporary Missiology. I am the Director of the Centre for the Study of Bible and Mission, and also lead Redcliffe's 'Fostering, Adoption and the Church' research project, .
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