Responding to the refugee crisis – what role could fostering play?

How can the Church respond to the refugee crisis? For a broad overview on some of the options have a look at this video

One of the highlighted points of action is the possibility of fostering unaccompanied minors who come to the UK. At the forefront of this aspect of the Church’s response is Home for Good and I would urge you to spread the word about what they are doing. Here is the text from their website and a link as well.

Home for Good works with many local authorities across the UK and are compiling a database of people who have space in their homes and may be interested in exploring further the possibility of fostering unaccompanied asylum-seeking children for a few days in an emergency, short term or long term.

Unaccompanied minors are extremely vulnerable and may also be traumatised following the loss of everything and everyone they know, long and tortuous journeys, and possibly having witnessed the death of family members.  They may find it difficult to communicate and difficult to trust. It is vitally important that these children are placed in safe homes where they can have the time, space and support to begin to rebuild their lives.

If you are happy to be contacted about welcoming asylum-seeking children please leave your details below. Alternatively if you can offer any other support to social services (e.g. translation) during this critical time, please explain in the space below.

We will contact you over the coming days once we have established how Local Authorities are going to manage this situation.

Go to Home for Good website

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I teach and research on Bible and Mission at Redcliffe College and lead the 'Bible and Mission' and 'Scripture Engagement' streams of our MA in Contemporary Missiology. I am the Director of the Centre for the Study of Bible and Mission, and also lead Redcliffe's 'Fostering, Adoption and the Church' research project, .
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